How to protect your steel/iron tattoo machine parts.

It might be a good idea to treat your steel/iron frames and cores with this 150 year old recipe. Just rub it on and your parts are rust proof.

Linwax is my name for an OLD wood and metal preservative recipe. It’s simple to make and it provides good protection and an excellent tacky feel for wooden handles.

Mix ratio is 1:1:1.
Melt the wax in a double boiler first.
Add the turpentine slowly to the wax.
Then add the linseed oil slowly.
Mix the concoction until it’s uniform in color and consistency. Pour the result into some appropriate container (I used a quart paint can) and let it cool overnight.

The result is a soft waxy product that’s easy to apply and works like a champ.

3 thoughts on “How to protect your steel/iron tattoo machine parts.

  1. I can’t view this video. It says it’s private. What do I need to do to view it? Thanks for sharing your knowledge on your other posts. Very informative!

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